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 Issue 12 is the last published issue available

DHARMA beat, the print version, has been under a temporary permanent hiatus since 1999. It was printed from Fall 1993 to Spring 1999. Two issues were printed each year, in the Spring and Fall. Original editors were Attila Gyenis and Mark Hemenway. Thank you to all the contributors.

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Back Issues

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The following is a listing of the major articles in each issue.


Issue 1 - Fall 1993 (8pgs)

Cover - Photo of Lowell High School (photo by Attila Gyenis)

On the Road to Rocky Road by John Dorfner -  An article about Jack Kerouac living in his sister’s house in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Interviews neighbors who remember Jack stopping by in the early 1950s.

Satori in St. Petersburg by Ron Lowe -  A recollection by the author who knew Kerouac during his last years when he lived in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Issue 2 - Spring 1994 (12 pgs)

Cover: Drawing by Jack Kerouac of his friend, Stanley Twardowicz

Talking with Stanley Twardowicz by Attila Gyenis -   An interview with Stanley, who was a friend of Jacks in Northport, NY. Jack would often visit with Stanley and they would paint (or mostly drink) together.

The Kerouac Set by Dave Perry -  Review of the Jack Kerouac Collection put out by Rhino records, which is a compilation of the the three commercial records that Jack put out in the late 1950s, plus some additional material.

Issue 3 - Fall 1994 (12 pgs)

Cover: Photo of Jack Kerouac’s funeral in Lowell, Ma. (Photo by Dave Brow)

Safe in Heaven Dead by Attila Gyenis -  Interview with Dave Brow and Dean Contover, two Lowell residents who went to Kerouac’s funeral for their own reasons.

Kerouac in Latvia by Yuri Novosjolov -  A report from self professed hippie in the former Soviet Union about Kerouac’s influence there.

The Beats at 50 by Stephen Ronan -  A report on the New York University conference on the beats that had many of the major figures talking about themselves and their role in the ‘beat generation’.

Naropa by Jon Christenson -  The Allen Ginsberg Library is dedicated at the Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado.

A Bibliography of Books about Jack Kerouac compiled by Dave Moore

1994 Lowell Celebration by Timothy Fisher

Majic Ride to Lowell by Victoria Butterworth

Issue 4 - Spring 1995 (12 pgs)

Cover: Photo of cabin of Desolation Peak, Washington. (Photo by Tim Manns)

Desolation Dreams by David Beam -  The author spent the summer of 1981 as a fire lookout in Desolation Peak in the same cabin that Jack worked at some 30 years earlier. He gives some first hand insight the the sights and thoughts that might have been going through Kerouac’s head.

List of recordings which relate to Jack Kerouac or Neal Cassady compiled by Dave Moore -  A list of recordings that have Jack or Neal either in the title or the song.

David Amram Remembers by David Amram -  A reprint of an article that David first wrote back when Jack died. He added a new afterword , looking back 25 years later, about his stay in Lowell, Massachusetts during the 1994 Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival. David Amram wrote the sound track to Pull My Daisy and he backed up Jack on French horn during several poetry readings.

The Road to Big Sur by Marc Kron -  The author reviews the books that make up the Duluoz Legend in the order that they were written (not the order that they were published in) and provides an interesting chronology of Jack’s works.

Poetry in Dharma by Jim Jones

Kerouac in the Sunshine by Ron Lowe

Issue 5 - Fall 1995 (16 pgs)

Cover: Jack Kerouac Street by City Lights, San Francisco, CA. (Photo by Marc Kron)

My Mad Sunset Birth by Jack Kerouac (previously unpublished) -  An unpublished short story written by Jack around 1941.

Jack Kerouac’s Vision of the Golden Eternity by Ann MacGibbon -  The author looks at Kerouac’s Buddhist influences, both in his studies and in his writing.

Beat Pilgrims by Marc Kron -  The author travels to San Francisco and retraces many of the places where Kerouac walked and observed, from the attic in Neal Cassady’s house on Russell Road to Sam Wo’s in Chinatown where Gary Snyder taught Kerouac to use chopsticks.

For the Benefit of Kerouac by Stephen Ronan -  A report on the fund raiser for Jan Kerouac, who was having health problems, in San Francisco.

Kerouac Papers -  A brief overview of Kerouac archives in the Berg Collection (New York Public Library) and the University of Texas at Austin.

Beat Culture and the New America: 1950-1965 -  Report on the Beat Culture exhibition at the Whitney Museum, NY.

Kerouac Conference at NYU

Issue 6 - Spring 1995 (12 pgs)

Cover: Page from Kerouac’s Book of Dreams

Washington in 1941 by Jack Kerouac (previously unpublished) -  Jack writes about his his stay in Washington. (he supposedly worked on the construction of the Pentagon)

A Jack Kerouac Romnibus by Dave Moore -  A review of the Jack Kerouac Romnibus

Spinning on the CD-ROM by damian marco -  Another look at the ROMnibus.

Kerouac’s Family Journey: From Quebec to Nashua to Lowell by Steve Edington -  A look at how Jack’s family made their way from Quebec, Canada, to the mill town on the Merrimack River that would be Jack’s birthplace.

Wailin’ at The Whitney by Brian Hassett -  A review of the Beat Culture exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC. The exhibition would later travel to Minneapolis and San Francisco.

Beat Literature Symposium Lowell, 1995 by George Agule -  A review of the symposium that is now a regular feature during the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festival. Speakers included Ann Charters, Joyce Johnson, and Ed Adler.

Issue 7 - Fall 1996 (12 pgs)

Cover: Photo of Jack listening to himself on the radio. Photo by John Cohen.

The End of the Line by Jim Jones (Jan Kerouac February 16, 1952 - June 5, 1996) -  An article about the death of Jan Kerouac, daughter of Jack Kerouac.

Aunt Caroline by (Rev) Roger L. Vaillancourt -  The author writes about Kerouac's aunt Caroline, who was a sister in the Sisters of Providence Order.

Athlete with Artistic License by Steve Edington -  Compares Kerouac’s athletic performance based on a newspaper account with an account that Jack wrote. Jack’s version was a little more favorable to himself.

Kerouac Commemorative by Attila Gyenis -  A look at the history of the Kerouac Commemorative in Lowell, Massachusetts, that was dedicated in 1988.

Herbert Huncke -  An obituary of the man who is said to have introduced Kerouac to the term ‘beat’ and the underground world of Times Square.

Four Decades of Nomadic UK: Jack Kerouac’s Enduring Legacy by Dave Cunliffe -  A look at Kerouac’s impact in the UK.

Issue 8 - Spring 1997 (12 pgs)

Cover: The house on Lupine Street that Jack was born in. (photo by Attila Gyenis)

Two Dreams of Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg -  Allen gives us two dreams that he had in 1995 where is is talking with Kerouac.

The Duluoz Legend at 75 by Attila Gyenis -  A Kerouac chronology from the day he was born (March 12, 1922) on a red-all-over afternoon in Lowell, Massachusetts, to his death in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 21, 1969. It was the same year that man landed on the moon.

The Wizard of Ozone Park by Patrick Fenton -  A look at Ozone Park, Queens, New York (on Long Island not far from JFK airport), where Jack started his first book, The Town and the City.

For Nin by Bob Kealing -  The author writes about Orlando, Florida, where Jack’s sister Nin, lived and died.

Issue 9 - Fall 1997 (12 pgs)

Cover: Cover of the first paperback edition of On the Road.

On The Road by Attila Gyenis -  A look at the 40th Anniversary of the publication of On The Road.

On The Cyber Road by Diane De Rooy -  The author writes about Levi Asher, owner of the Literary Kicks, a website dedicated to Kerouac, beats. and literature.

Allen Ginsberg (June 3, 1926 - April 5, 1997) -  A commemoration of Allen Ginsberg’s life.

Kerouac in Orlando by Bob Kealing -  A look at the time that Jack spent in Orlando, living first with his sister Nin, and later in a house with his mom. Jack was living here when On the Road was published.

William S. Burroughs (February 5, 1914 - August 2, 1997) by Arthur Nusbaum -  The author looks back at Burrough’s life and his influence.

On The Road Record by Stephen Ronan -  Geffen will be releasing a recording of Jack reading On The Road.

Review of On The Road audio cassettes - by Dave Moore

Jan Kerouac’s Ashes in Nashua by Steve Edington

Issue 10 - Spring 1998 (12 pages)

Cover: Bixby Bridge in Big Sur (photo by Attila Gyenis)

Jack and the Marchesa by Dave Moore - A look at Jack and his San Francisco Blues where he talks about a picture of Marchesa Casati.

Essence of Jack by Kurt Hemmer - Review of Balestri's Play, going on for a short time in Seattle, WA.

Unpublished Kerouac compiled by Jack O'Connell - A look at unpublished Kerouac manuscripts that have been alluded to in the various Kerouac biographies.

Some of the Dharma reviewed by Dan Barth - Review of the latest Kerouac book, which is Jack's study of Buddhism.

Jack Showed Me Around by Dave Schwan - The author talks about his visit to Lowell, which was inspired by musician Mark Murphy and his song Bop for Kerouac.

Huncke Reader reviewed by Kurt Hemmer - Review of the Herbert Huncke Reader, which compiles most of Huncke's books. Huncke is the one who introduced Kerouac to the word "beat".

On the Road - On the Stage by Brian Hassett - A review of the Marathon Reading Event celebrating the 40th anniversary of On The Road.

Issue 11 - Fall 1998 (12 pages)

Cover - Old Angel Midnight - drawing by Jack Kerouac. His suggested illustration for his book of the same name. It was not used by the publisher.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti named Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Book Review - Subterranean Kerouac reviewed by Bill Gargan.

Kerouac Writers House, Orlando's First Literary Landmark by Bob Kealing - Kerouac's house in Orlando, where he was living at the time of the publication of On The Road was turned into a Writers House where people can come and write, aided by Kerouac's ghost.

Meeting Jack Kerouac by Dana Cook - A look at how other authors first encountered Jack, and what they had to say and write about it.

Kerouac: For Excentric Boys and Girls by Stephen Ronan - A look at a Japanese magazine titled Kerouac, which has nothing to do with Kerouac. Or does it?

Issue 12 - Spring 1999

Cover - Picture of Monks at the Kerouac Commemorative (photo by Phil Chaput)

Jack Kerouac as a Mexican
by Joe Olvera

Meeting Jack Kerouac (part 2) compiled by Dana Cook

Kerouac: Artist and Poetry - The 1998 Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival - by Mark Fisher


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