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Jack Kerouac  

1922 - 1969

Jack Kerouac in front of neon Bar signAuthor of On the Road, The Subterraneans, DR SAX, Maggie Cassidy, Big Sur, plus over a dozen more (and new material is constantly being released), Jack Kerouac is the big daddy of the beat generation. And I don’t mean to imply that there was actually a beat generation (since many of the 'members' themselves deny that a 'beat generation' ever existed), but we can't deny that there was a group of writers, poets, painters, musicians and others, who hung out in various places like New York City, San Francisco, and points in-between; and who supported each other, collaborated with each other, and shared friendships with each other. Each person took an individualistic approach to their creativity, even if they did share some things in common. Together they leave behind an incredible legacy of books, poetry, music and art.

Jack Kerouac has his place in history. The last 50 years has seen On The Road continue to influence and inspire a new generation of people who have pursued their own creative process. Go climb a tree, go sing a song, go write a poem, and be compassionate, fair, and truthful. Live your life.

Somewhere along the line I knew there'd be girls, visions, everything;  somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me.  

 On The Road, Chapter 1

DHARMA beat - The Jack Kerouac Website homepage

DHARMA beat takes a look at the auction of the 'On The Road' Scroll (or as Kerouac called it, the roll).


movieiconON THE ROAD has finally been released.


For DHARMA beat's article on the movie click here.

On The Road - The movie was released in US theaters March 2013, after having a US premiere in December of 2012 in New York and Los Angeles. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2012.

Interview with Walter Salles, the director.

Kerouac and On The Road Scroll Articles

On The Road: 50 Years Old - articles, essays etc about the 50th Anniversary of On The Road and the scroll.

Joyce Johnson review in Vanity Fair

Christian Science Monitor

The Library of America interviews, Douglas Brinkley about Jack Kerouac, In connection with the publication in September 2007 of Jack Kerouac: Road Novels 1957–1960.

Denver Post article on the Scroll

Lowell MA, scroll information

Collection of Reviews of On the Road collected from various sources (from 1957)

Kerouac's `Road' will be unrolled, Original scroll set for publication, By Jenna Russell, Globe Staff  |  July 27, 2006

Famous scroll rolls out "Kerouac Weekend"  By John Wenzel, Denver Post Staff Writer, Updated: 01/04/2007.

Scroll Links - links to On The Road Scroll articles, websites etc

Unrolling the scroll in Lowell, MA - watch the scroll being unrolled on U-tube

A blog report on the new scroll book

Scroll tour and pictures

Dave Moore's Kerouac Companion - A guide to the Duluoz Legend and other related works by Dave Moore, including a complete alphabetical list of the 600 characters involved, with brief biographical details and images, plus family trees.

On The Road Live - Roady's own road journey following Kerouac's routes will be documented, as much as possible, with a live video stream from the windshield of their solar power equipped classic mini-motorhome. Live video streams tied to gps coordinates of our real time locations are mapped and made available on this blog.  They will stop at points Jack mentions in his book and shoot live video of landmarks that he’s pointed out (if they still exist or what’s there now if they don’t). They'll conduct interviews with locals regarding their knowledge of Kerouac’s visit and also general discussion on the state of America today. Go to IndieGoGo to help support the effort.

Jack Kerouac Writer-in-Residence Project of  Orlando is a non-profit organization that has saved, purchased and renovated the Orlando house that Jack Kerouac lived in at the time On the Road made him a national sensation. It was also the house where Kerouac wrote his follow-up, The Dharma Bums, during eleven frenetic days and nights. The Kerouac project is committed to nurturing the careers of writers and poets of all ages. Aspiring writers can apply to win scholarships and the privilege of living in the Kerouac House rent-free for 3 months to write in the spirit of Kerouac. 

The Kerouac Rag - This is not a link, but it is a great small magazine from the UK that you should check out. Get a subscription. We need more publications that don't cater to the computer illiterate that we are all slowly becoming. The Kerouac Rag, Alan Griffey, 43 Chatto Road, Torquay, Devon TQ1 4HT, England. Subscriptions (4 issues): US - $20, UK - 8 pds. They now have an email address: Check it out.

Visions of Lowell and Rocky Mount by John Dorfner

Beat Scene, nice publication (printed on paper in magazine format) on Kerouac and the beats.

The Beat Museum - Jerry Cimino's Beat Museum has a home in San Francisco

Jack Magazine - A Jack Kerouac on-line magazine

Beatdom - A beat magazine founded in the summer of 2007 by Dundee University graduates David Wills and Kirsty Bisset, Beatdom was an excuse to read and write and spread the Beatnik word. They publish studies of Beat texts, figures and legends; we look at writers and movements related to the Beats; and support writers of the present who take their influence from the Beats.

Back to Kerouac - Check out this UK band which is intent on reviving the spirit and culture of the beat generation


On The Road paperback coverImages of Jack Kerouac Book Covers: this is a great selection of US, UK, and foreign edition of Kerouac book covers put together by Dave Moore with some help from his friends. Check out his complete collection of cover scans here.

Kerouac: On the Road:
Kerouac: Visions of Cody:
Neal Cassady:
John Clellon Holmes:

William S Burroughs:

Jack Kerouac's Last Interview? - a reprint of an interview published in the Tampa Bay Times (by Jack McClintock, orginally published in the St. Petersburg Times on October 12, 1969).

Helen Weaver - author of "The Awakener," and friend of Kerouac

Articles in the Lowell Sun, Kerouac's hometown.

Check out Jack Kerouac on My Space

Tom Christopher's website, with a focus on Neal Cassady  and Denver.

This guy is blogging (okay, I don't really know what blogging is) about Kerouac places he visits, with information from Kerouac's books to guide him -

Jack Kerouac Archives- This is a comprehensive listing (though I don't know if it is complete) of various institutions that have a Kerouac (or Kerouac related) archive.

Kerouac Archive at the New York Public Library (Berg Collection), their site with information of the collection.

Influential People in History: Jack Kerouac

Fifty-Five Years Down the Road: Kerouac’s Contradictions published in Gadfly Magazine.

In 1963, Bruce McAllister sent a four-question mimeographed survey to 150 well-known authors on the subject of of symbolism - Kerouac responded

Desolation Peak - The following websites take a look at Desolation Peak located in the Cascade mountain range in Washington. Kerouac was fire lookout in 1956. He wrote Dharma Bums and Desolation Angels based on his experiences there.

Mr. Hat visits Desolation Peak - Mr. Hat visits Desolation Peak and experiences "You Can't Fall Off A Mountain" and experiences the case of the missing glasses and the Void, with pictures of the fire lookout where Kerouac stayed.

National Park Service

Jack Shea Tribute page (1951-2004):     He had been in the process of  producing a movie called Who Owns Jack Kerouac that hasn't been released, see the trailer

NPR Program of 9/9/02 discussing Kerouac and On the Road


Kerouac's medical record (being relieved from the Navy for medical reasons)

Kerouac Commemorative by Ben Woitina, the designer of the Kerouac Commemorative in Lowell, MA. A link to his website.

Lowell, MA National Park Visitor's Center Kerouac Page

Sterling Lord (Kerouac's agent) excerpt on Jack Kerouac in Publisher's Weekly

DENVER'S BEAT POETRY DRIVING TOUR (follow Jack and Neal through Denver)

American Writers, Kerouac C-Span television show

Winter of his Discontent - Kerouac in Detroit

Kerouac, Essentials of Spontaneous Prose

Desolation Angels - a band out of the UK, who as the name implies, are Kerouac fans (their record company is which is also a fan of Kerouac)

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetic, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado

French Radio documentary about the link between Kerouac and Brittany broadcast on French National radio France Culture, (in French).

Jack Kerouac Wikipedia entry

New York Times, New York Times page with links to their reviews of Kerouac Books. A pretty nice page.

The Paris Review Interview

The Conservative Kerouac: Beat novelist, Catholic, Republican—do you know Jack? By Robert Dean Lurie published in The American Conservative

Another Kerouac site =

Radio-Canada has two programs, here and here. Canada's French public television channel has an interview with Kerouac online in its archives. The interview is in en francais. It was taped in 1967. 

Kerouac - a song by Chris Hickey

PBS has a lot of programs on Kerouac and Kerouac related. This is the result page of over 100 programs that match Kerouac.

A CD inspired by / dedicated to the great man. The first track is called  'Ode To Jack'

Kerouac related Films and Documentaries

On The Road - IMDB page

Big Sur - IMDB page

Love Always, Carolyn - A Swedish movie about Carolyn, Cassady, and Kerouac (2011)

One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur : A new Jack Kerouac documentary directed by Curt Worden. The film is called “One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur (2008)   It would be a good link for those who are interested in Kerouac.  

Ferrini Productions, producer of the film "Lowell Blues: words of Jack Kerouac"

Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats (on DVD & Blu-ray). Remastered in High Definition from the Original Film Print. Available February 28, 2012. This is the award-winning biography of the King of the Beat Generation.


Go Moan For Man, a movie about Mr. Kerouac that premiered in 1999 - contact Doug and Judi Sharples at: Real Films, P.O. Box 476, Wakonda, SD 57073. E-mail:

Beat Angel - The film is about “the spirit of Jack Kerouac.”  On the 30th anniversary of Kerouac's death, his angelic spirit (played by Vincent Balestri) returns to earth in the abandoned body of a street bum.  “Jack” drops in at a poetry slam held in honor of his “death day,” and backed by a jazz trio, explains the meaning of “bop spontaneous prose” and “speaking the truth.”  He begins to transform the lives of three people:  Gerard Tripp (played by Frank Tabbita), a secretive writer who locks his manuscripts away; Mary (Amy Humphrey), a shy young writer; and Carol (Lisa Niemi), a former painter turned bartender.
  A popular festival selection across the U.S., garnering two award nominations at The Method Fest in Los Angeles, and winning the Wine Country Film Festival’s Special Prize of the FestAvailable on DVD. DVD features:  19 minute video of Kerouac: The Essence of Jack; Writers Commentary with Balestri, Boyle, Tabbita and Allred; 12 chapters; deleted scenes; in English with French, Spanish, Italian and English subtitles.  Film running time 99 minutes, color NTSC, all Regions.  Available October 21, 2006 through,,, and other selected outlets.    Also find Beat Angel at My Space: 

Discussion Groups on the Web

Subterranean list - The Subterraneans List is an on-line yahoo discussion group. They are an unmoderated group for discussion of the Beat Generation, its poets & writers, and their lives & work. A discussion group on yahoo maintained by Alan Griffey. From their home page- "As the name implies, BASICALLY WE'RE A BUNCH OF KEROUAC FANS! I AM NOT CHANGING BOBBY MITCHELL'S CLASSIC INTRODUCTION TO THE GROUP WHEN HE SET IT UP IN 2004 JUST SAYING THAT JACK KEROUAC, CAROLYN CASSADY, NEAL CASSADY, THE BEAT GENERATION, ALLEN GINSBERG, WILLIAM BURROUGHS, GREGORY CORSO, RICHARD BRAUTIGAN, CHARLES BUKOWSKI, BOB DYLAN, JAZZ, CUTTING EDGE ROCK'N'ROLL THIS GROUP MAINLY EXCHANGES INFORMATION (AS IT ALWAYS DID) ON JACK KEROUAC, CAROLYN CASSADY, NEAL CASSADY, WILLIAM BURROUGHS, ALLEN GINSBERG, GREGORY CORSO, THE BEAT GENERATION, BOB DYLAN, JAZZ, AND CUTTING EDGE ROCK'N'ROLL! (in the hope that it will change the 'Topics frequently discussed' list and get us some new members!)"

Yahoo Groups have a few different discussion groups. Check them when you do a search for Jack Kerouac. Click on to the one you are interested in joining.


Beat L - unfortunately is no longer, but check out subterranean list above.

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The beats - the following links usually talk about 2 or more of the beat writers.

Levi Asher's Literary Kicks

The Beat Scene - a beat magazine out of the UK

The Beat Museum in San Francisco- Jerry Cimino, The Beat Museum, 540 Broadway, San Francisco, CA  94133, 1-800-KER-OUAC

Kerouac Alley - One of the more comprehensive web sites about the beats.

THE BEAT PAPERS OF AL ARONOWITZ (aka The Blacklisted Journalist: May 20, 1928 - August 1, 2005)  - Check it out.

Sore Dove - Publisher of some great chapbooks by some great poets including Ferlinghetti.

Beat Studies Association, an organization founded for the purpose of bringing together scholars, readers, and admirers of Beat Generation literature and art. I hope that you can find information here that adds to your enjoyment and appreciation of the achievement of Beat writers. Ann Charters is president.

Empty Mirror Books

The Beat Page

Poets on the Peaks, John Suiter's book about poets Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, and Jack Kerouac during their fire-lookout summers in the North Cascades during the 1950s. Based on scores of previously unpublished letters and journals, plus recent interviews with Snyder and Whalen and many of their friends, Poets on the Peaks creates a group portrait of Kerouac, Snyder, and Whalen that transcends the tired urban cliches of "Beat" life.

The "Rebel Poets of the 1950s" based on the exhibiton. Poets and Artists have been grouped into four overlapping constellations: the Beat Generation, the San Francisco Renaissance, the Black Mountain poets, and the New York School poets.

A Cultural Chronology of Early Beat Generation Literature

Dharma Beats Roster from Cosmic Baseball

English 320W-02: - The Beat Generation college curriculum outline.

Beat Super Nova, the master list of all the beats and associates, this is the new updated list.

The Beat - Website from the UK with beat cut-ups and

PennSound - a collection of audio from over 75 contemporaty authors, including Lew Welch, Amiri Baraka, and Vachel Lindsay, Kenneth Koch, Tuli Kupferberg. Check it out.


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Allen Ginsberg [June 3, 1926 - April 5, 1997]

Author of Howl and other poetry

DHARMA beat's Tribute to Ginsberg Page

The Allen Ginsberg Project - An Allen Ginsberg Gallimaufry

Allen Ginsberg Trust - a very comprehensive site

Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award

William Blake and Ginsberg

Howl at Fifty, an article about the famous Gallery 6 reading in San Francisco 50 years ago.

The earliest recording of Howl? 

Recordings of Gingsberg reading - very extensive site

William S. Burroughs [1914 -1997]

Author of Junkie, Naked Lunch, among others.

DHARMA beat's Tribute to Burroughs Page

BERG COLLECTION - The New York Public Library contains a major Burroughs archive. The Berg Collection already contains a tremendous amount of Kerouac material.  Ginsberg's papers are located at Stanford in Palo Alto, California. Review the Burroughs list in PDF format.

RealityStudio, a William S. Burroughs Community

Burroughs read Junky

Some Burroughs movies

Cutting up the Archive - Article by Oliver Harris on the way that William Burroughs' books were put together.

William S Burroughs: scans of Burroughs' book covers

Neal Cassady

Neal Cassady, The Man Behind the Myth website. The website maintained by the Cassady family with articles and pictures, and some corrections to the myth.


The First Third by Neal CassadyThe First Third

by Neal Cassady
Notes by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Afterword by Carolyn Cassady

Immortalized as Dean Moriarty by Jack Kerouac in his epic novel, On the Road, Neal Cassady was infamous for his unstoppable energy and his overwhelming charm, his savvy hustle and his devil-may-care attitude. A treasured friend and traveling companion of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and Ken Kesey, to name just some of his cohorts on the beatnik path, Cassady lived life to the fullest, ready for inspiration at any turn.


Collected Letters, 1944-1967

by  Neal Cassady - Author
Dave Moore - Editor
Carolyn Cassady - Introduction by

Dave Moore's work on this collection is simply awesome....  It should become and remain the definitive reference book for Beat scholars forever.” —Carolyn Cassady

Neal Cassady is best remembered today as Jack Kerouac’s muse and the basis for the character “Dean Moriarty” in Kerouac’s classic On The Road, and as one of Ken Kesey’s merriest of Merry Pranksters, the driver of the psychedelic bus “Further,” immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. This collection brings together more than two hundred letters to Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, and other Beat generation luminaries, as well as correspondence between Neal and his wife, Carolyn. These amazing letters cover Cassady’s life between the ages of 18 and 41 and finish just months before his death in February 1968. Brilliantly edited by Dave Moore, this unique collection presents the “Soul of the Beat Generation” in his own words—sometimes touching and tender, sometimes bawdy and hilarious.  Here is the real Neal Cassady—raw and uncut.

Denver finally pays tribute to its most famous car thief. Neal Cassady made it onto the official Denver Government web site!!!

 The following are two links to articles by Tom Christopher who published "NEAL CASSADY VOLUMES ONE AND TWO ," a bio of Neal Cassady in magazine format on good paper, 48 pages and 96 pages, covering the years 1926 - 1940 and 1941 - 1946 respectively. This is a  thorough research done on the life of Beat Generation and Prankster era icon Neal Cassady.

Check it out. Tom Christopher's website (Neal Cassady biographer)

Legends of Neal

Drinking with Neal and Jack


Images of Neal Cassady Book Covers put together by Dave Moore

Carolyn Cassady

Off The Road - Twenty years with Cassady Kerouac and Ginsberg

by Carolyn Cassady

Carolyn Cassady was born in Michigan in 1923, and eight years later moved to Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from Bennington College, Vermont, and later became increasingly involved in set and costume design, graduating MA in Fine Arts and Theater Arts from the University of Denver. While at Denver, she met Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, and in 1948 she and Cassady married in San Francisco. They had three children. Falling in love with Neal plunged Carolyn into a strange and unknown world, far from her conventional middle-class upbringing. Almost every value and social convention she had been brought up to respect was to be irrevocably and painfully challenged, yet she was unable to run away. Compelled to stay with an incompatible partner she still loved, Carolyn’s attempts to adjust to new ways of living and to form new attitudes to her life are the basis of her deeply moving story. Available through

And see a review here


Interview with Carolyn Cassady and Kerouac essay


John Cassady's website - Son of Neal and Carolyn Cassady

Other Authors and Good People

David AmramDavid Amram - David Amram has composed more than 100 orchestral and chamber music works, written many scores for Broadway theater and film, including the classic scores for the films "Splendor in The Grass" and "The Manchurian Candidate;" two operas, including the groundbreaking Holocaust opera "The Final Ingredient;" and the score for the landmark 1959 documentary "Pull My Daisy," narrated by novelist Jack Kerouac. He is also the author of three books, "Vibrations," an autobiography, "Offbeat: Collaborating With Kerouac," a memoir, and "Upbeat: Nine Lives of a Musical Cat" published in the fall of 2007 by Paradigm Publishers.

Interview with David Amram (aka Pops)


Ken BabbsKen Babbs - one of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters

And he also has a poem about Neal Cassady on his site (Neal was the driver of the bus Further.


Richard Brautigan

Richard Brautigan

A bio-bibliographical archive for Richard Brautigan - American writer Richard Gary Brautigan (1935-1984) produced eleven novels, ten poetry collections, and one collection of short stories, as well as five volumes of collected work, several nonfiction works, and a record album of spoken voice recordings.

The Brautigan Pages

City Lights Bookstore - Along with Mr. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, City Lights Bookstore played a major part in the beat saga. Located in San Francisco on Columbus Ave. If you are in San Francisco, make the trip, and then have a beer next door at Vesuvios.


John Clellon Holmes - Images of his book covers

Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey

Key-Z Productions, Ken Kesey stuff for sale


Al Hinkle

The official site of Albert C. Hinkle. Al and his wife, Helen (d. 1994), who were life-long friends of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and his wife Caroly. They were the passengers in the 1949 Hudson during the adventures recounted in the acclaimed novel On the Road, and appeared as characters in other Kerouac novels - as Ed and Galatea Dunkel in On the Road, and Slim and  Helen Buckle in Visions of Cody. In Book of Dreams, Al was the inspiration for the character Ed Buckle. In his novel GO, John Clellon Holmes based his character Ed Schindel on Al.

Tom Robbins

Words Are Important Tom Robbins page - Just another roadside attraction.

Tom Robbins

Hunter Thompson, the original Gonzo Writer

The great Thompson Hunt

Article by Anita Thompson

HST says Goodbye to Nixon

Official Ralph Steadman site

U-Tube of Hunter's telephone message, you have to listen to it.


Kurt VonnegutKurt Vonnegut:  Author of Slaughterhouse Five, Sirens of Titan, Cat's Cradle and more.

The Wampeter of our Karass is smiling down upon us from heaven.   [November 11, 1922 - April 11, 2007]

Tribute to Vonnegut - Page 13 is Missing by Attila Gyenis

The Vonnegut Web:

See Vonnegut's art at which he did in conjunction with Joe Petro.

The Paris Review Interview from Spring 1977.

Other Notables

Ed Adler - author of Departed Angels: The Lost Paintings of Jack Kerouac is a painter with a great website that show his fantastic art.

Al Aronowitz   - Note: Unfortunately, August 2005 saw the passing of Al Aronowitz, the blacklisted writer.

Vincent Balestri, who did the Kerouac play

Mick Cusimano - creator of Chicken Man, a cartoonist with a great creative/poetic/beat bend.

Attila Gyenis - Words Are Important website by the editor of DHARMA beat, and sometimes writer. Also see, Attila and the HUNZ, the band that has the song "Don't Trust the Government."

Larry Keenan (photographer of the Beats)

Arthur & Kit Knight

Michael McClure's literary homepage

Official website of Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek. Lots of good stuff there - including info about & news pertaining to Michael, info on his books, CDs, & videos. Also writings & photos by & of his friends (Diane di Prima, Jack Foley, Rebecca Solnit, Larry Keenan, etc. Rothenberg & Kyger coming soon.).

Henry Miller, information on an unconventional film about Henry Miller in relation to culture, spirituality, sexuality, and politics.

see also =

Dave Moore - Visit his Kerouac Companion page. He also is the Kerouac answer man for DHARMA beat's Kerouac Corner. He also has images and information about The Kerouac Connection magazine (1984-2000) has recently been uploaded.

Charles Plymell

Ann Waldman

Helen Weaver - author of "The Awakener," and friend of Kerouac

Ron Whitehead, publisher of "Published In Heaven" poetry series

Ron also has some poems and other writings here.

Ben Woitena - the designer of the commemorative

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Other links to sites that are related to the beats in some way, or maybe not. But it still should be good so check it out!

A website out of the UK that sounds and talks like the beats. They take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and bring it all together for you. This is worth checking out.

Eel Pie Dharma

Writer's World is an internet site that is dedicated to writers and literary enthusiasts of all genres. You can check our page out at =

Poetry Tonight at  =

Steve Silberman's How Beat was born

The Beat Generation: Audio and Video Material at Berkeley Library

The Only People For Him article in The Atlantic magazine



Book stores/dealers that do the beats

DHARMA beat's Books - Kerouac, beat, and other books rare and out of print that are for sale (buy and sell).

City Lights Booksellers and Publishers

Beat Books (one of the original beat dealers out of Berkeley) (Are they still selling books?)

Andrew Sclanders (in the UK), beat and counter-culture books (great catalog)

Beat Museum 1 800 KEROUAC - Beat Generation Catalog

water row book


Miscellaneous Links - not beat related

My name is Eddie Alfaro.  I am an artist who would like to show you my work.  I have constructed a website to display it. 

Savage Vibes, music I think.



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